Hair Care for the Summer Months: Protecting Your Hair from the Sun

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Summer is an exciting time to get your beach body ready. You can already imagine getting that tan and enjoying the sun's rays. 

But we might have to stop you there ladies. There could be chances that you're putting your hair at risk. Sun, heat, humidity, and water may destroy it in the same ways they can harm the skin. The biggest issue with outdoor activities are how drying they may be.

So if you want to ensure your straight or curly hair maintains the same lustre, here's how you can protect your hair from the sun for the summer months.

1. Wear a hat

A hat isn't all just an accessory for your summer OOTD. It can also work as an additional protection for your hair. 

If you must go outside in the sun, choose a tightly woven cloth over a straw hat with an open weave that can allow harmful rays.

2. Apply conditioner

Applying conditioner regularly will help restore your hair's moisture level, making it more manageable and reducing the likelihood of breakage. 

Another way is to chat with professional hair dressers in Sydney about the right products you can use. They usually know hair types and what works for each. Find a hair salon in Sydney that can help you transform your hair into a healthy and nourished one.

3. Invest in SPF products for hair

In addition to the sunscreen you use on your skin, invest in a specialised SPF cream for your scalp. Exposing your scalp to the sun for too long can burn and dry out, damaging your hair's follicles and, ultimately, your hair. 

You can protect your hair in several ways, including spray or powder-based protection. Ensure you also use shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair colour, texture, and environment.

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Since the sun dries out hair, it's crucial to maintain it as hydrated as possible. Be sure to hydrate well before a day in the sun, and bring along high-water-content foods like fruits and vegetables as snacks. Use a deep conditioning product to seal in moisture before going out in the sun if you want to avoid damage to your hair.

5. Avoid bleaching your hair

You shouldn't dye your hair for a few weeks before a beach vacation. The sun's rays bleach hair just as effectively. The protein in your hair can be damaged by using hot tools or by bleaching your hair, which can subsequently make your hair more vulnerable to the sun and heat.

If you need to bleach it, visit the hair dresser Sydney experts. It's ideal to see a hair salon that is expert colourists. This way, you can ask about the safest ways to take care of your hair.

Talk to your hairstylist for more advice on protecting your hair from the sun. Furthermore, they will have their standard procedures and methods at their disposal. 

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