Expert Advice On Making The Hair Thicker

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When it comes to our hair, we want three things: fullness, volume, and density. Whether you have naturally fine strands or have noticed excessive hair shedding in recent months or years, the end goal always seems to be the same: we all want thicker hair.

As a result, there are two approaches to the pursuit of fullness: You want a long-term solution for restoring density to each strand of your thin or fine hair while also growing it out. For this, you should look inward and examine your diet, as well as consider supplements or specific regrowth medications*.

Scalp recommendations for thicker hair

Scalp care is literally the foundation of hair care. Because it is where your hair grows, the health of your scalp is always an indicator of the health of your hair (or vice versa). Here are some tips from DiGiovanni and Ruggeri for getting thicker hair to sprout from your scalp and maintaining the hair you already have.

Use scalp-specific products: "Scalp detoxifiers and cleansers will exfoliate the skin and help rid the follicles of impurities, creating a healthy foundation for new growth and aiding in the fight against hair loss," says DiGiovanni. A pre-shampoo scalp mask is one such product.

Scalp-nourishing ingredients should be prioritised: The ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner should also keep your scalp in mind. Look for CBD powder and licorice extract as soothers, prebiotics as balancers, and shikakai extract as scalp cleansers.

While many of us devalue shampooing because it can strip hair of its natural moisture levels, it is possible to wash more frequently with a more hydrating shampoo for necessary routine scalp cleansing, according to Ruggeri. This removes excess sebum from the scalp, allowing your follicles to grow thicker, more full-bodied hairs.


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